Public Sector

A composting program at offices can be a great boon for both workplace sustainability and personal waste reduction pains.

Composting offers many benefits to both office and the staff that participate.

If offices produce a significant amount of organic waste, including composting waste management strategy could provide financial benefits as well as “greening” operation.

Offices that produce smaller volumes of compostable organics can setup outdoor bins outside their office premises.

Partnering with organizations iwho are interested in composting such as community gardens is also a option. Big organic producers can avail commercial compositing services.

Best Practices

Best Practices: Composting
  • Use a two-bin system.
  • No airtight bins to be used.
  • Use a rubber band to keep your liners away from the bin.
  • Allow wet compostables to dry before putting them inside.
  • Use your own bag to collect when its full to collect overflow.
  • Use of compost