Housing Societies/RWAs

Collective waste management is best way to manage waste and housing colonies can contribute in a big way, Segregating the waste into dry and wet at every home in every complex, is the first step.

Housing Societies should educate people on how to recycle the kitchen waste into organic Compost. They should hold workshops for every houses to demonstrate about compost. Through this basic step of diverting kitchen waste into the Compost Bin, we can reduce stress on landfills, foul smell, land, air, and water pollution. Reduce the number of diseases and infection threat which is caused by garbage collection points; which is impacting all of us.

Best Practices

Waste management
Best practices waste segregation and composting
  • Start your compost pile on bare earth.
  • Lay twigs or straw first.
  • Add compost materials in layers.
  • Add manure (green manure e.g. clover, buckwheat, wheatgrass, grass clippings or any nitrogen source). This activates the compost pile and speeds the process along.
  • Keep compost moist. Water occasionally.