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Biolan Group

The Biolan Composter is an efficient, thermally insulated composter for year-round composting of domestic organic waste. The patented ventilation system of the Composter supplies air through air pipes directly to the middle of the compost mass enhancing composting and diminishing the need to toss the compost. The adjustable air vent and the compost thermometer facilitate monitoring and attending to the compost especially in winter. You can use the bottom door of the Composter to remove mature compost and leave fresher mass to compost further. The dense and thick structure of the Composter prevents rodents from gaining access to it.

The larger Composter 550 is especially suitable for organisations, housing corporations or several families.

Product Data Dimension Drawing (220L) Dimension Drawing (550L)
Product Picture
Biolan 220L
Biolan 220 Liter
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Biolan 550L
Biolan 550L Liter
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Volume about 220 litres about 550 litres
Height 115cm 120 cmlid open 190 cm
Bottom area 54 x 54 cm 88 x 74 cm
Weight of the cover when opening 3.5 kg 6 kg
Weight of an empty composter about 30 kg about 54 kg
Weight of a full composter 100-150 kg 250-400 kg
Working height 102 cm 102 cm
Material frost-resistant UV-protected polyethylene frost-resistant UV-protected polyethylene
Insulation material freon-free polyurethane freon-free polyurethane
Ventilation adjustable;patented adjustable;patented
Other items thermometer thermometer
Optional colours green or grey green or grey
Guarantee 5 years - covers defects in material and workmanship 5 years - covers defects in material and workmanship