Our Story

Food waste that ends up in landfills produces a large amount of methane – a more powerful greenhouse gas than even CO2. For the uninitiated, excess amounts of greenhouse gases such as methane, CO2 and chlorofluro-carbons absorb infrared radiation and heat up the earth’s atmosphere, causing global warming and climate change. If the food cannot be reused at all, then we should at least try to recycle it in a responsible manner instead of sending it to the landfills where it continues to rot. Did you know that an average home can divert about 150 kg of food waste a year from local waste disposal facilities by adopting composting? And this is where our story started.

Waste Segregation is presently seen as a massive problem for India. Inadequate alertness on dry and wet food waste has led to discarding of tons of food waste in landfills, leading to serious health hazards for the citizens of India.

The services offered by SwachhCity.org aligns with the current initiatives by Government of India, especially Swachh Bharat Abhiya started by Hon’ble Prime Minister and supported by national celebrity and treasure, Shri. Amitabh Bachhan. In addition, State and Local Governments are also encouraging Green Initiatives. We believe Government alone cannot find solution to such a grave problem. The problem requires contribution from all private sectors and individual communities. The solution cannot be implemented rapidly and the benefits of taking steps to address the problem will come slowly. However, we cannot wait for environment to heal itself. We need to work with all involved and implement steps towards a greener and cleaner environment for our next generation.

The team behind SwachhCity.org includes industry veterans with long career and extensive experience in diverse industries. The genesis of SwachhCity.org is the result of strong desire by this team of professionals to bring hassle-free, zero-energy use, and chemical free solution to cities, towns and villages of India. The team started with initial focus in Delhi NCR region, since the team is based in Delhi, and subsequent expansion to other parts of India.